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6 Signs That Shows It’s Time to Purchase A New CMMS Software

Maintenance managers can perform better with their tools, primarily with the virtual ones such as the CMMS system that track work orders, tasks and more.

Have you ever been realised that your current CMMS is still grappling to meet your team’s need? Have you noticed that your CMMS software capable to serve you adequately or leaving you dissatisfied?

If your maintenance managers have some doubts concerning your current CMMS software especially when it fails to perform better as they assumed it should. It must be a high time to upgrade your CMMS maintenance software.

Here are the 6 crucial signs you need to upgrade your CMMS maintenance software:

1. Your software is outdated:

In this technology-driven world, your maintenance management department needs an updated software that is robust, speedy yet easy to apply. Furthermore, you may want to move for software that is organised, instinctive so that your management team feels comfortable using it every day.

If you are still using an old CMMS version, where your maintenance staff has to manually enter the information at the computing device, perhaps it’s high time to change your old CMMS software.

Here are the common limitations of using outdated CMMS software included:

•          A bad user interface that leads to user dissatisfaction.

•          Less convenient to use

•          Limited features which result in poor maintenance and limited data.

•          Poor system design

2. Your current CMMS software is not reconciling with mobile devices:

  If you are working with the millennials who live with their gadgets, then it’s time to ponder about mobile CMMS software program.

It is very crucial for a CMMS system to be compatible with the mobile phones, tablets and laptops as it allows your team to access the data on the spot where maintenance happens rather than in a plant or office.

Without mobile devices, it is pretty difficult for the employees as they need to double up on their work by preparing notes manually and finishing work orders. All that is time-consuming which ultimately reduces their efficiency.

3. Lack of integration with different software:

If you are using a 10-year-old server-based product whose vendor stopped releasing updates about that product or in case you are facing problems while maintaining and managing the information in multiple systems, switching to a brand new CMMS software is one top solution.

In addition to this, migrating to a new CMMS system that has data-sharing technology simplifies the process of sharing the data and information so that everyone gets the data quickly.

4. Your current CMMS is deprived of the maintenance scheduling modules you need:

Work order management system is a must as it is the life force of any maintenance operations. Managing the work orders efficiently can save you from massive failures or losses. For instance, your current CMMS unable to provide inbuilt inventory function connected to work order, so your technicians get halfway through a job before they understand that they don’t have the necessary parts or materials.

Apart from work order management, your software program should be able to handle preventive maintenance program as well. Preventive maintenance software will indicate when the parts need to be repaired or changed. This results in a decrease in unexpected downtime.

5. CMMS system is complicated to use:

Go for a CMMS software which is easy to use upon implementation and easier onboarding process for new employees of your maintenance team. A CMMS system with an excellent user interface helps the user to easily interact with the system.

6.  You might be running a non-customizable CMMS:

All you need a generic customizable CMMS system that can work in different facilities. Customization of a CMMS software plays a crucial role as it aids in working in different facilities. Your CMMS software should be a custom job, unique to your facility and organized to align with your maintenance strategy and goals.

What’s Next..

If you identify with any of the signs while reading this article, you need to upgrade your CMMS software as soon as possible.

We all know that business enterprise grows from year to year. As your organization grows further, you are likely to maintain a huge no. of assets and that too with fewer resources. In such cases, older CMMS systems aren’t scalable.

Hence, a modern CMMS system will assist in streamlining your maintenance process and improve performance. CMMS systems are designed with a purpose to assist you to circulate from a reactive to data-driven maintenance approach.

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